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Sydney Sweeney Denies Johnny Depp Film Rumors

Rumors swirling around a potential collaboration between Johnny Depp and Sydney Sweeney in an upcoming film, Day Drinker have met a swift response from Sweeney herself.

Jeff Sneider of The InSneider reported on Friday that Johnny Depp and Sydney Sweeney were slated to co-star in a new movie titled “Day Drinker,” helmed by Marc Webb, known for “The Amazing Spider-Man.” The screenplay, by Alan Trezza, writer of films like “Burying the Ex” and “We Summon the Darkness,” was mentioned in the report. However, Sweeney’s representative has refuted her involvement in the project, as per DiscussingFilm. Sweeney took to X to directly address these “rumors.”

In her X post, Sweeney wrote, “woke up to rumors anyways, go see [Immaculate] in theaters this weekend!”

Sweeney is promoting her latest film, “Immaculate,” which premiered on March 22. She not only stars in the movie but also serves as a producer. The plot revolves around a woman of faith uncovering chilling secrets within her convent. Sweeney’s performance has garnered praise, and reviews have been positive, earning a 70% score on Rotten Tomatoes. Additionally, the film has set a new opening day record for Neon, the distributor.

“The script has been around for 10 years; I auditioned for it when I was 16. And it was a very different draft,” Sweeney recently shared with Variety regarding the long-awaited realization of the film. “I called the writer, Andrew Lobel, and got the clean, original draft, then reworked it to fit who I am today, keeping a lot of the same themes and storylines. And one of the biggest ones that carried over was something innately in the project that, sadly, is still a topic of discussion today.”

While Sweeney won’t be collaborating with Depp on “Day Drinker,” she remains occupied with other projects. She has confirmed that her “Barbarella” reboot is still in development, although production timelines are yet to be clarified. Additionally, she’s involved in the upcoming Ron Howard film “Eden,” which boasts a star-studded cast including Ana de Armas, Jude Law, and Vanessa Kirby.

As for Johnny Depp, there’s been no public response to the “Day Drinker” report from his camp. However, there’s a possibility of his involvement in the project, even if Sweeney isn’t part of it. Depp’s upcoming film, “Jeanne du Barry,” is scheduled for release in U.S. theaters on May 2. He’s also directing a biopic on Italian artist Amedeo “Modi” Modigliani, with Al Pacino set to play a significant role.

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