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Michael Douglas Discovers DNA Connection To Scarlett Johansson

“Finding Your Roots” revealed another surprising celebrity connection on its latest episode, which aired on Tuesday, April 2.

Michael Douglas was astonished to learn during the PBS series that he shares a DNA connection with actress Scarlett Johansson.

“Are you kidding?” Douglas exclaimed when host Henry Louis Gates Jr. disclosed the revelation. “Oh, that’s amazing. All right. This is cool. This is so cool.”

Through the assistance of professional genealogists, it was discovered that Douglas and Johansson possess identical DNA segments on four separate chromosomes, notably tracing back to Scarlett’s maternal lineage, which extends to Jewish communities in Eastern Europe.

“That’s incredible,” Douglas remarked upon hearing the news.

He added, “I look forward to seeing Scarlett next time.”

“Finding Your Roots,” which has been airing since 2012, has consistently unveiled remarkable connections among celebrities. Previous episodes have revealed surprising familial ties, such as genetic cousinship between Julia Roberts and Edward Norton, as well as Kerry Washington’s revelation that she was conceived through a sperm donor.

“Finding Your Roots” with Henry Louis Gates Jr. airs on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on PBS.

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