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Indian Police Arrested 13 Persons Making Adult Videos In Lonavala

The Pune district rural police arrested 13 individuals, including five women, one of whom is from Bangladesh, for producing explicit or pornographic videos in a bungalow located in Patan near Malavli on Friday evening.

Among those apprehended were Vishnu Munnasahab Sahu (30), Javed Habibulla Khan (35), Buddhsen Shrinivas (38), Sameer Alam (26), Anup Choubey (29), and Ramkumar Yadav (21), among others. Additionally, three caretakers associated with the bungalow were also implicated in the case.

Following the raid, authorities confiscated two cameras, a laptop, digital storage devices, lights, and other equipment valued at Rs 6.72 lakh. Assistant Inspector Bharat Bhosale filed a case regarding the matter at the Lonavala (City) police station on Saturday.

Superintendent of Police, Pune Rural, Pankaj Deshmukh, informed TOI, “Our team received information about such activities occurring in the bungalow, prompting us to conduct a raid. The women involved have been residing in Thane and Mumbai, with one individual hailing from Bangladesh.”

A team led by Additional Superintendent of Police Ramesh Chopde, Deputy Superintendent of Police Satyasai Karthik, and Inspector Kishor Dhumal conducted the raid. Deshmukh stated, “The accused had rented the bungalow to film individuals engaged in objectionable acts, which were then live-streamed for a fee. They were also involved in producing and creating adult web series.”

He further added, “The bungalow’s caretakers rented it out to the arrested individuals without proper verification, leading to a case being registered against them.”

“The actors participating in the production of such films and live-streaming charged Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000 from those operating the racket. We are continuing to investigate the case and suspect that more individuals may be involved, particularly in the production and distribution of such films,” Deshmukh mentioned.

He also highlighted, “The group of men frequently moves from one city to another, hiring local women to participate in these films. We will scrutinize their travel documents, including passports.”

Pornography in India

In India, the issue of pornography is multifaceted, encompassing legal, social, and technological dimensions. While the possession, production, and distribution of pornography are subject to legal restrictions, the accessibility of such content, particularly through the internet, remains widespread. This accessibility underscores the challenges in enforcing regulations effectively. Moreover, debates surrounding pornography intersect with broader discussions on freedom of expression, censorship, and cultural norms.

Recent incidents, like the Pune bust, shed light on the ongoing struggle to combat the production and dissemination of explicit material. Tackling this issue requires a holistic approach that addresses legal frameworks, technological solutions, as well as societal attitudes and awareness regarding healthy sexual behaviors.

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