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Israel Disabled GPS And Cancelled IDF Leave Amid Iran Threat

GPS signals are being deliberately disrupted in various parts of Israel as tensions escalate with Iran, with the aim of thwarting missiles and drones.

Following an attack on its consulate building in Syria on Monday, Iran has pledged retaliation. The strike, which resulted in the deaths of 13 individuals, including a senior general, was widely attributed to Israel.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have taken several measures in response, including the suspension of leave for soldiers in combat units. Additionally, reservists have been called up to reinforce air defense units.

There is a sense of anticipation within Israeli authorities regarding a potential Iranian reprisal, speculated to occur on Friday, known as Quds Day. This day, observed on the last Friday of Ramadan, often sees demonstrations in support of Palestinians and against Israel, particularly in Iran.

To hinder weapons reliant on GPS for location accuracy, disruptions to GPS systems have been reported in central Israel. Users in major cities like Tel Aviv and Jerusalem have experienced difficulties with location-based apps, with reports indicating widespread interference, according to monitoring website GPSJAM.

Reports have surfaced of GPS inaccuracies placing individuals in different locations than their actual whereabouts, indicating the extent of the disruption.

The IDF has confirmed the use of GPS blocking, commonly referred to as “spoofing.” Israelis have been advised to manually set their locations on apps for receiving rocket attack alerts to ensure accuracy amidst the GPS disruptions.

Notably, GPS disruptions have already been ongoing in northern Israel near the Lebanese border, where clashes between Israel and the Iranian-backed group Hezbollah have been frequent.

In response to escalating tensions, the IDF has urged citizens not to engage in panic buying. Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari reassured the public that official updates would be provided promptly and orderly.

While reports suggest heightened security measures at Israeli embassies, including potential evacuations, these claims remain unverified. Israel has neither confirmed nor denied its involvement in targeting a building within Iran’s diplomatic compound in Damascus, Syria.

Despite Iran’s threats of retaliation, the specific actions it might take remain unclear. The recent strike in Syria claimed the lives of several high-ranking Iranian officials, including General Mohammad Reza Zahedi, a notable figure within the Revolutionary Guards.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu affirmed Israel’s stance against Iran and its allies during a security cabinet meeting, emphasizing a defensive and offensive approach to safeguarding national interests.

Meanwhile, international scrutiny mounts on Israel following the deaths of seven aid workers in Gaza. The incident, attributed to drone strikes, has prompted condemnation and calls for an immediate ceasefire from US President Joe Biden.

Biden urged Netanyahu to take concrete steps to address civilian casualties and ensure the safety of aid workers, underscoring that US policy towards Gaza would be contingent on Israel’s actions in response.

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