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Real Los Angeles Money Heist Of $30M Cash On Easter Sunday

Thieves made off with tens of millions of dollars from a cash storage facility in Los Angeles on Easter Sunday, in what authorities are calling one of the city’s largest heists to date. The theft, totaling at least $30 million, was only discovered the following day.

According to local media reports, the crime, described as “elaborate,” has left investigators with few leads regarding the perpetrators or the exact method used to carry out the theft. The Los Angeles Police Department and the FBI are collaborating on the investigation.

The facility, situated in the San Fernando Valley, where cash from local businesses is processed and securely stored, was breached without triggering any alarms or raising suspicions. It’s believed that a group of skilled burglars gained entry through the roof, bypassing security measures. Only a select few individuals were aware of the significant amount of cash kept within the facility.

The theft wasn’t uncovered until Monday, when employees opened the vault and realized the substantial sum was missing. Despite the sizable theft, there were no visible signs of forced entry into the safe.

Reports indicate that the incident occurred at a GardaWorld facility in the suburban neighborhood of Sylmar. Aerial footage captured by news helicopters revealed a possible breach in the building’s side, though its connection to the burglary remains uncertain.

This surpasses any previous armoured vehicle robberies in the area, as stated by the Los Angeles Times. The city’s largest cash heist prior to this occurred in September 1997, when $18.9 million was stolen from Dunbar Armored Inc., resulting in the eventual arrest of six individuals, including a former employee.

In a separate incident in 2022, an armoured truck was robbed approximately 55 miles (90 km) north of the recent heist location. The thieves seized numerous bags containing vintage jewellery and gems while guards were momentarily distracted. The stolen items have been appraised at over $100 million, yet no suspects have been apprehended.

Similarly, in a notable heist at the Toronto airport last year, thieves made off with more than $15 million in gold and cash. The theft occurred when an aircraft container carrying the valuables arrived at the airport and was subsequently transported to a cargo holding facility, where police suspect the robbery took place. This incident stands as one of Canada’s largest heists in history.

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