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19th Cholistan Desert Jeep Rally 2024: A Sandy Event In Pakistan

The iconic Derawar Fort will host the annual Cholistan Jeep Rally from February 20 to 25, 2024. It’s set to attract participants and spectators from across the country, according to Bahawalpur Deputy Commissioner Zaheer Anwar Jappa’s interview with PTV News. He anticipates over 100 competitors navigating the challenging 500 km route through the historic Cholistan Desert.

The 19th TDCP International Cholistan Desert Rally not only delivers the thrill of off-road racing but also aims to showcase the rich culture, civilization, and history of South Punjab. The five-day festivities, including a camel race, cultural night, dances, fireworks, and an exhibition, offer a holistic experience for visitors.

Prioritizing security, police and law enforcement agencies are finalizing arrangements to ensure the safety of participants and spectators. Government departments overseeing various cultural events aim to foster a sense of community and celebration.

Expressing optimism, the Deputy Commissioner envisions the rally and cultural programs drawing visitors nationwide, contributing to the revival of the tourism industry, and generating new economic opportunities. Additionally, a special focus on knowledge and literature promotion will add an intellectual dimension to the festivities.

In a meeting chaired by the Deputy Commissioner, plans were discussed for the four-day event, emphasizing collaborative efforts among government departments. Chaudhry Zulfiqar Ali Mann, President of the Bahawalpur Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI), highlighted the BCCI’s role in coordinating with the district administration for various events.

The cultural festival, starting on February 20, featured diverse events, including PT shows, Luddi dance, gymnastics, and a march-past by students. Deputy Commissioner Zaheer Anwar Jappa inaugurated the festival, emphasizing the global projection of Bahawalpur and Cholistan through the annual event.

In recent years, the rally has witnessed awe-inspiring performances by exceptional drivers. Mir Nadir Magsi dominated the 10th edition in 2015, followed by Sahibzada Sultan’s triumph in the 11th edition in 2016. Mir Nadir Magsi continued his winning streak in the 12th edition in 2017, the 13th edition in 2018, and the 14th edition in 2019. The 15th edition in 2020 once again saw Mir Nadir Magsi secure victory. Sahibzada Sultan claimed the championship in the 16th edition in 2021, followed by Jaffar Magsi’s victory in the 17th edition in 2022. Fasil Hassan Khan emerged as the triumphant driver in the 18th edition in 2023, showcasing the diversity and skill of the competitors who have graced this prestigious event.

The 19th Cholistan Desert Jeep Rally not only promises thrilling sportsmanship but also a celebration of cultural diversity and historical significance. The region anticipates an influx of visitors, eager to witness the spectacle and contribute to the economic growth of the area.

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