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Shaukat Industry Revolutionizes Agricultural Market With Rotary Slasher

Shaukat Agricultural Industry, a prominent name of excellence, once again showcased something new, this time to revolutionize the agricultural market in Pakistan. The industry announced the launch of a new product, the Rotary Slasher, at an agriculture expo in Chiniot district on Friday, February 16.

Before this, Shaukat Industry has been manufacturing and producing several major agricultural equipments and delivering them all across Pakistan. Among these, the most famous are tractor-mounted items like Trolley (18 ft), Trailer (30 ft), Hydraulic Tipping Trolley (12, 14, 16, 18 ft), and Bumper. In addition to these, they also provide various other tractor-mounted products, such as a rotavator, reaper, plough, cultivator, front blade, back blade, back hook, back seat, roof, disc plough, and many more.

The agriculture expo was held just outside of Bhawana city, organized by the Chiniot district office of the Agriculture Department of the Government of Punjab and the larger agriculturalists in the district. It represented agricultural and farm machinery, pesticides, fertilizers, seeds, and many other related products by many small and large companies, like Engro Fertilizers, Fauji Fertilizer Company, Syngenta, Bayer, Tara Group, and Millat Tractors.

What is the Rotary Slasher, and what is its use?

A Rotary Slasher is farm equipment used in Pakistan for cutting and clearing grass, crops, and weeds in agricultural fields. It consists of a rotating blade or blades that spin horizontally, powered by a tractor or other suitable machinery. Farmers in Pakistan commonly use rotary slashers to maintain their fields, keeping the vegetation in check and ensuring proper crop growth. This versatile tool is especially useful in areas where manual labor may be challenging or time-consuming. The rotary slasher helps farmers save time and effort while effectively managing the vegetation in their fields, contributing to improved agricultural productivity in Pakistan.

What is the Shaukat Agricultural Industry?

Shaukat Agricultural Industry is mostly known for its engineering, unique design, reliability, and truck art on its products. The industry was founded somewhere in 1986 by an intellectual and engineering-minded Haji Shaukat Ali Lohar, born and raised in the Lohar family. His father, Haji Ameer Ali, was also a blacksmith by profession like him, and he learned everything from his father. He started his own business as a small shop and took it to the next level of industry within a few years through hard work. He personally engineered, designed, and invented each agricultural product manufactured in the industry. In Punjab, mostly agricultural equipment and farm machinery manufacturers are either associates or duplicating the designs and engineering of Shaukat Industry.

Now it has become one of the few top companies manufacturing rotary slashers in Pakistan. Shaukat Agricultural Industry, locally renowned as Shaukat Zarai Industry, is located on Jhang-Chiniot Road in Bhawana.

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