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Stormy Daniels Reveals Fear For Her Life Over Trump Hush Money

Adult film star Stormy Daniels has revealed her deep fear for her life following the exposure of her clandestine hush money arrangement with former President Donald Trump in 2018.

“I was completely sure that I was going to die,” Daniels expressed in a documentary titled “Stormy,” which premiered on Peacock on Monday.

Daniels confessed to accepting a $130,000 payment shortly before the 2016 presidential election to conceal her past encounter with Trump in 2006. Her primary motivation was to shield her family, particularly her husband and daughter, from public scrutiny. She also sought to create a paper and money trail linking her to Trump, believing it would safeguard her against potential harm.

The documentary offers an intimate glimpse into Daniel’s life as she navigated the tumultuous aftermath of the revelation of the hush money payment. This revelation ultimately led to the conviction of Trump’s former attorney, Michael Cohen, on charges of violating campaign finance laws. Trump himself faced allegations of falsifying business records to cover up reimbursements related to the payments, though he maintains his innocence and denies the alleged affair.

Trump’s legal team has objected to the release of the documentary, arguing that it could prejudice the trial. They claim that certain statements made by Daniels, particularly those regarding threats of violence, could unfairly bias the jury against Trump.

In response, they have called for the dismissal of the indictment or a postponement of the trial, citing the untimely disclosure of the documentary by prosecutors.

Trump’s attorneys also seek to prevent Daniels from testifying in court.

Judge Juan Merchan has granted a delay in the trial until at least April 15 due to the late submission of documents by the prosecution in the Cohen case. However, he has yet to rule on the specific requests related to Daniel’s involvement in the trial.

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