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Uber Settles With Australian Taxi Drivers For $178 Million

Uber has reached a settlement agreement amounting to A$271.8 million ($178.3 million; £140 million) in Australia, as confirmed by a law firm representing taxi operators and drivers.

Maurice Blackburn Lawyers initiated the class action on behalf of over 8,000 taxi and hire car owners and drivers, alleging income loss due to Uber’s aggressive expansion into the country.

“Uber vigorously contested every step of the process,” stated the law firm.

Uber responded, stating, “Since 2018, Uber has made significant contributions to various state-level taxi compensation schemes, and with today’s proposed settlement, we put these legacy issues firmly behind us.”

The company refrained from disclosing the settlement’s exact amount, noting, “It would be inappropriate to comment on specifics until the agreement is finalized and disclosed to the court.”

The class action was lodged against Uber in 2019 in the Supreme Court of Victoria, Australia.

“This case achieved success where many others have failed. Previous cases in Victoria, Queensland, and Western Australia against governments have all been unsuccessful,” remarked Michael Donelly, principal lawyer at Maurice Blackburn.

“What our group members sought was not more excuses but a resolution, and today we have delivered it for them,” he added.

However, the proposed settlement requires court approval before any payments can be disbursed, ensuring it is in the best interests of the group members.

Headquartered in San Francisco and established in 2009, Uber operates in approximately 70 countries and over 10,000 cities worldwide, often facing protests from taxi drivers globally.

In December 2023, Uber emerged victorious in a lawsuit filed by 2,500 taxi drivers in France, with a Paris commercial court ruling that Uber had not engaged in unfair competition. The taxi drivers had sought €455 million ($495.4 million; £389 million) in damages.

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