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Leah Remini Achieves Her College Degree At 53

Leah Remini is embracing the life she’s always envisioned, and she’s keen for her supporters to recognize that it’s “never too late” to chase after a dream.

The “King of Queens” actress revealed on Thursday that she’s attained an associate’s degree from New York University and is presently striving towards her bachelor’s degree.

“Three years ago, I embarked on a daunting journey: stepping into college life at the age of 50,” Remini shared on X, previously known as Twitter.

Remini, who had previously only completed up to eighth grade education due to her extensive involvement in the Church of Scientology, made the decision to pursue higher education after leaving the Church in 2013 and becoming a vocal critic.

“For many years, I’ve yearned for a higher education but hesitated because I doubted my intelligence,” Remini confessed on Thursday.

Accompanied by a snapshot of her NYU diploma, Remini disclosed that she earned her associate’s degree after “three years of relentless effort, countless late nights, tears, and moments of wanting to throw in the towel.”

Expressing gratitude, Remini acknowledged her husband, daughter, relatives, friends, therapist, tutor, and NYU professors for their unwavering support during her academic pursuit. She also extended her appreciation to her social media followers.

“Many of you have been my rock during the toughest times. I’ve read numerous comments from you all and found inspiration in them,” the actress remarked.

Acknowledging her privilege in being able to pursue education, Remini emphasized in her post, “Over the past three years, I’ve heard from countless individuals, especially women, who, like me, have decided to take the plunge later in life to obtain their GED or pursue higher education.”

She concluded, “It’s never too late to continue your education and chase after what you’ve always aspired for yourself!”

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