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Bruckheimer Announces Revival Of ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ Series

Ahoy there! Get ready to hoist the sails once again because “Pirates of the Caribbean” is charting a course for a new adventure, Jerry Bruckheimer.

Producer Jerry Bruckheimer, known for his work on all five films in the swashbuckling fantasy series, spilled the beans about plans to breathe new life into the franchise in an interview with ComicBook.com published Monday.

When quizzed about the fate of his “Pirates” and “Top Gun” series, Bruckheimer spilled the beans that the former is due for a reboot. The original movies featured stars like Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, and Keira Knightley.

“You don’t know how they come together. You just don’t know,” Bruckheimer mused. “Because with ‘Top Gun,’ you have an actor (Tom Cruise) who is iconic and brilliant. And how many movies he does before he does ‘Top Gun,’ I can’t tell you. But we’re going to reboot ‘Pirates,’ so that is easier to put together because you don’t have to wait for certain actors.”

Bruckheimer kept Mom informed about any specific dates or timelines for production during the interview.

The “Pirates” saga set sail with 2003’s “The Curse of the Black Pearl,” which snagged five Academy Award nominations and hauled in a staggering $654.3 million at the global box office.

The most recent installment, 2017’s “Dead Men Tell No Tales,” raked in a hefty $794.9 million worldwide.

Bruckheimer’s upcoming reboot isn’t the first attempt to shake up the “Pirates” franchise.

“The Last of Us” co-creator Craig Mazin and “Pirates” writer Ted Elliot were previously linked to a new chapter, but the project hit choppy waters due to the Hollywood writers’ strike in 2023.

“We pitched it and thought there’s no way they’re buying it, it’s too weird. And they did!” Mazin revealed this to the Los Angeles Times in August 2023. “And then he wrote a fantastic script, and the strike happened, and everyone’s waiting around.”

“Barbie” sensation Margot Robbie was also in discussions to steer a “female-led” makeover of the franchise. Although Robbie mentioned to Vanity Fair in November 2022 that the project was shelved, Bruckheimer later hinted to Collider in December of the same year that Robbie’s take on “Pirates” could resurface at some point.

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