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Ed Sheeran Surprises Mumbai Fans With Punjabi Performance

Ed Sheeran made a surprising move during his concert in Mumbai, where he sang in Punjabi for the first time, leaving fans amazed and sparking a frenzy on social media.

At the Saturday night show, the English singer invited Indian artist Diljit Dosanjh to join him on stage. The crowd erupted with excitement as the duo performed Dosanjh’s popular track “Lover” in Punjabi.

On Instagram, one fan exclaimed, “It’s the crossover we never knew we needed.” Another commented, “I feel like I’ve witnessed history,” while a third praised Sheeran’s Punjabi singing as “perfect.”

Following the electrifying performance, both artists shared a clip on their Instagram accounts. Sheeran expressed his joy, writing, “I got to bring out Diljit Dosanjh tonight in Mumbai and sing in Punjabi for the first time. I’ve had such an incredible time in India, more to come!” Meanwhile, Dosanjh captioned the video, “Brother singing in Panjabi for the first time.”

Celebrities also chimed in with excitement about the collaboration, with actor Varun Dhawan simply stating, “Global domination.”

Dosanjh, 40, enjoys immense popularity in India and worldwide. This isn’t his first time collaborating with a Western artist in Punjabi; last year, he released a song titled “Hass Hass” with “Cheap Thrills” singer Sia.

Fans showered praise on Dosanjh for yet again bringing a big name into the world of Punjabi music. “First Sia, now Ed and Diljit are going to make everyone sing in Punjabi,” wrote one fan on Instagram. Another praised Dosanjh, saying, “Hats off to Diljit. This man has literally blown up the Punjabi music scene, making other artists sing in Punjabi.”

Sheeran, known as one of the world’s biggest stars with numerous hits to his credit, released his latest album, “Autumn Variations,” last September. His Mumbai concert was part of his Asia and Europe Tour.

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