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Adult Star Sophia Leone’s Death Sparks Robbery And Homicide Investigation

In a devastating blow to the porn industry, 26-year-old Sophia Leone has passed away, leaving fans and colleagues in shock. Leone was found “unresponsive” in her New Mexico apartment on March 1, prompting an ongoing investigation by the police into the cause of her death.

Described as a “beloved Daughter, Sister, Granddaughter, Niece, and Friend” by her stepfather, Mike Romero, Leone’s vibrant personality and love for animals were highlighted. The Los Angeles-based modeling agency 101 Modeling, which managed some of her bookings, revealed that her death is under investigation as a “robbery and homicide,” adding a layer of complexity to the tragic incident.

Romero, seeking justice for Sophia, expressed his grief on a GoFundMe page dedicated to honoring the late actress. Brian Berke, who managed Leone’s Florida-based agency, AMA Modeling, mourned the loss of a bond that began when she joined the agency at 18.

“At 18 years old, you started with me at AMA, and now at 26, I have to say goodbye. We had such an amazing bond. Always reminding each other how much we cared. I was supposed to be your guardian angel. A piece of me is gone. I love you, Sophia,” Berke wrote.

Leone, a Miami-born porn star who entered the industry in 2014, gained recognition for her roles in over 80 films, as per her IMDb page. The news of her death comes in the wake of another distressing report about fellow adult film star Emily Willis, who is currently “fighting for her life” after being found unresponsive at a rehab facility in Malibu.

Willis, whose real name is Litzy Lara Banulos, suffered cardiac arrest on February 5, just eight days into her stay at the celebrity rehab center. Although her condition has stabilized, she remains in a “vegetative coma,” and her family is preparing for the worst.

In a poignant Instagram post from September, Leone shared a message urging her followers to “go outside and just appreciate life a little extra today.” The post, now taking on a heartbreaking significance, reflects her final moments before the tragic incident.

The Los Angeles-based agency 101 Modeling reiterated that Leone’s death is being investigated as a “home invasion homicide,” adding to the somber circumstances surrounding her disappearance.

“Our hearts are broken by the untimely and tragic passing of our beloved Sophia Leone. A beautiful spirit who touched many of us. RIP sweet angel and know how much we loved you,” the agency said.

Fellow adult film stars, including Riley Kay Carlson, Valeri Casteele, and Penelope Woods, expressed their condolences and shared memories of Leone on social media. Fans also flooded Leone’s page with messages of grief and disbelief.

As the adult film industry mourns the loss of Sophia Leone, the circumstances surrounding her death and the ongoing investigation cast a shadow over the tragic incident, while the health crisis faced by Emily Willis compounds the somber mood in the community.

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