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World’s Oldest Man Passes Away Just Before His 115th Birthday

The world’s oldest man passed away on Tuesday, just a month before his 115th birthday, as confirmed by Guinness World Records.

Juan Vicente Pérez Mora, a Venezuelan, held the title of the oldest living man until his demise, Guinness announced on Twitter.

Back on February 4, 2022, Pérez Mora was officially recognized as the oldest living man, aged 112 years and 253 days, as per a Guinness World Records article.

In their 2022 article, Guinness World Records detailed Pérez Mora’s life story. He was born on May 27, 1909, in El Cobre, Táchira state, Venezuela, the ninth child among ten born to Eutiquio del Rosario Pérez Mora and Edelmira Mora. At the age of 5, he began working in agriculture with his father and brothers, aiding in coffee and sugar cane harvesting. To enhance productivity, he and his brother built a wooden mill, which proved instrumental in speeding up coffee and sugar cane production, leading to improved farm output and the purchase of larger machinery.

At the age of 10, Pérez Mora started attending a local school, where he learned basic literacy skills. Despite his teacher falling ill after five months, he persevered, continuing his studies independently with the books provided.

While engaged in agriculture, Pérez Mora served as a sheriff in Caricuena from 1948, resolving land and family disputes for around a decade. Apart from his professional pursuits, he was deeply religious, expressing gratitude to God for his life, sustenance, and the people around him.

Pérez Mora married Ediofina del Rosario García, with whom he shared 60 years until her passing in 1997. The couple had 11 children—six sons and five daughters—along with 41 grandchildren, 18 great-grandchildren, and 12 great-great-grandchildren, according to Guinness World Records.

In his leisure time, Pérez Mora cherished moments with his family, particularly enjoying music played by his son Edesio, featuring artists such as Antonio Aguilar, Hermanas Calles, and Negro Picante on their Vitrola.

Venezuelan Governor Freddy Bernal commemorated Pérez Mora’s diligence in a social media post, describing him as a hardworking individual emblematic of Táchira’s values.

“With profound sorrow, we bid farewell to our dear Juan Vicente Pérez Mora today,” Bernal expressed. “He epitomized the humble, hardworking, peace-loving spirit of Táchira, devoted to family and tradition.”

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro also extended condolences to Pérez Mora’s family via social media.

“Juan Vicente Pérez Mora has passed away at the age of 114, transcending into eternity from El Cobre, the town that bestowed upon Venezuela the Guinness Record for the world’s oldest man,” Maduro shared. “My heartfelt sympathies go out to his family and the people of El Cobre, Táchira state. May God embrace him in eternal glory!”

Guinness World Records has yet to name Pérez Mora’s successor for the ‘oldest man in the world’ title. However, the individual inheriting the title will need to undergo a verification process, presenting an authentic birth certificate for validation by record keepers.

The title of the oldest person in the world is held by Jeanne Calment, who reached the age of 122 and claimed the title on February 21.

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