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FIA Investigates Pakistan Airlines Cabin Crew Arrested In Canada

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has requested details from Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) management about a case involving a member of the airline’s cabin crew. The crew member was detained by Canadian authorities for allegedly carrying illegal items. A senior PIA official informed the news about this.

Hina Sani, a member of the PIA crew on a Lahore-Toronto flight, got detained last week. She was reportedly carrying passports of unrelated individuals, an immigration stamp, and contraband hidden in her shoes.

Sources say Sani is expected to appear before a Canadian court on Wednesday. PIA management is investigating, focusing on the crew scheduler and deputy general manager (flight services) who authorized Sani’s trip to Canada.

While her colleagues were released, Sani faced three hours of questioning before Canadian authorities formally arrested her, sources revealed.

PIA management, although not intervening in legal matters, is closely monitoring the case’s progress.

Canadian authorities have informed Sani’s family about the charges. They are in the process of hiring legal representation in Toronto to secure her interim bail.

Sani faces potential deportation, blacklisting, or detention until the case concludes, according to sources.

The PIA has suspended Sani from active duty. Its central disciplinary unit has gathered statements from the detained crew members.

PIA spokesperson Abdullah Hafeez confirmed Sani’s arrest in Toronto. He stated that the management is closely following developments in her case. Discussions are underway to send a high-profile team to Canada to collaborate with Canadian authorities on implementing preventive measures.

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