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12 Injured In Deepest Ukraine Drone Attack On Russia

Ukraine has taken responsibility for a drone assault in Russia’s Tatarstan region, stretching over 1,300km (807 miles) from the Ukraine-Russia border.

The strikes, causing injuries to 12 people, mark the furthest incursion into Russian territory since the conflict began.

Local authorities reported that the strikes targeted the town of Yelabuga, believed to be a hub for drone production, and an oil refinery in nearby Nizhnekamsk.

The attacks unfolded at approximately 05:45 local time (02:45 GMT).

Yelabuga lies within the Alabuga “special economic zone,” designed to attract foreign investment. It’s noted for assembling Iranian Shahed drones, frequently employed by Russia against Ukraine.

According to various sources, a dozen individuals, all students, sustained injuries in Yelabuga.

Tatarstan’s regional leader, Rustam Minnikhanov, mentioned that the drones caused minimal damage to infrastructure and didn’t disrupt production activities.

However, Ukraine’s military intelligence contradicted this, asserting significant destruction to production facilities in Yelabuga.

Following the assaults, a circulated video purportedly captured a light aircraft, possibly retrofitted for unmanned flight, descending onto a Yelabuga building before exploding, igniting a fireball.

On Tuesday morning, drones were sighted in the Lipetsk region south of Moscow, prompting local authorities to issue an air raid alert.

Kyiv has intensified its drone attacks on Russian territory over the past few months.

Ukraine has frequently highlighted its army’s ammunition shortages and aims to domestically produce a million drones this year.

Earlier in the year, Ukraine reportedly struck a major gas export terminal near St. Petersburg, 1,250km (775 miles) from the Ukraine-Russia border.

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