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UN Demands Gaza Ceasefire As Resolution Approved

As opposed to its previous decision to veto any resolution of a ceasefire between Gaza and Israel, the US stays quiet as the UN Security Council orders a ceasefire in the region immediately. The UN has also called for the immediate release of the hostages held during the conflict.

After a series of failed attempts at an armistice between the two nations since October, this is the first time the UN has shown firmness in its decision. The decision of the US to stay quiet in the matter shows its opposition to Israel’s decision not to stop the violence in Gaza.

The office of Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, said, “Regrettably, the United States did not veto the new resolution” and has “abandoned” the previous stance of going for a ceasefire in return for the release of hostages. The statement given by the office claimed that Mr. Netanyahu had planned to cancel the meetings that were to take place between Israel’s and US officials this week.

Israel refused to end the war as long as its hostages were held in Gaza. Riyad Mansour, who is the representative of Palestine to the UN, called the resolution an overdue one and said, “It has taken six months, over 100,000 Palestinians killed and maimed, two million displaced, and famine, for this council to finally demand an immediate ceasefire.” Hamas also welcomed the resolution and said that it was ready “to engage in an immediate prisoner exchange process that leads to the release of prisoners on both sides.”

The resolution “must be implemented” for a ceasefire and an “immediate and unconditional release of all hostages,” said UN Secretary General António Guterres.

The ambassador of the UK to the United Nations (2009–2015), Mark Lyall-Grant, while talking to a news channel, said that the resolution indicates that Israel was “under an obligation, essentially, to stop its military campaign for the next 15 days” in Ramadan.

Earlier, the US was shielding Israel in the United Nations by using its power of veto whenever a resolution regarding a ceasefire in the Gaza region arose. However, after the escalation in the death toll to above 32,000 people, consisting primarily of women and children, the US has decided to stay silent at the UN. The United States has put pressure on Israel to make it easier for the world to deliver aid to Gaza, where a mass majority is suffering from severe famine.

Due to the resolution passed by the UN, Israel canceled its visit to Washington in the coming week. However, US National Security Council representative John Kirby confirmed the planned meetings between the defense minister of Israel, Yoav Gallant, and the national security adviser of the United States, Mr. Jake Sullivan, to be held as decided.

On Monday, while talking to the media, Mr. Kirby said, “We look forward to making it clear to the defense minister that the United States continues to stand with Israel as they fight Hamas.” Mr. Kirby also said, “We have been very clear; we have been very consistent in our support for a ceasefire as part of a hostage deal. That’s how the hostage deal is structured, and the resolution acknowledges the ongoing talks.”

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