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Tacoma Man Charged On Cyberstalking And Child Abusive Content

Kaden Ollila from Washington has been formally charged with cyberstalking and child pornography offenses in Alaska.

Ollila, aged 20, from Tacoma, Washington, stands accused of distributing child pornography on January 19, 2024, as per court records. Subsequently, between January 24 and 25, Ollila purportedly utilized social media to send messages to a victim expressing his intentions of committing sexual assault.

Further allegations suggest that Ollila employed a different social media platform to send unsolicited sexual images of himself and unsolicited images depicting child sexual abuse on February 4 and 5.

Ollila was taken into custody on March 21. The Department of Justice has leveled charges against him, including one count of sexual exploitation of a child—distribution of child pornography—and two counts of cyberstalking.

Should he be found guilty, Ollila could be subjected to a prison term ranging from five to 20 years for the distribution of child pornography, with each cyberstalking count carrying a potential sentence of up to five years.

Any final sentencing will be determined by a federal district court judge, who will take into account the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines along with other legal considerations.

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