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Oklahoma Teen Nex Benedict’s Suicide Confirmed By Autopsy

A 16-year-old, Nex Benedict, from Oklahoma, whose passing in February garnered widespread attention across the United States, has been determined by a medical examiner to have died by suicide.

Nex, identified as non-binary and preferring their pronouns, tragically ended their lives, sparking nationwide protests and vigils.

The cause of death was disclosed in a partial autopsy report unveiled on Wednesday by Oklahoma’s chief medical examiner, revealing that Nex succumbed to a mix of medications.

The preceding day, Nex was reportedly involved in a brief altercation in a restroom at Owasso High School, which was promptly halted by fellow students and a staff member.

Although an ambulance wasn’t summoned, the school’s nurse advised Nex to seek additional medical attention “out of an abundance of caution.”

Footage from police body cameras captured an interview with Nex at the hospital that day, where they disclosed being targeted prior to the altercation “because of the way that we dress.”

Upon returning home, Nex’s mother contacted emergency services on February 8, reporting shallow breathing and rolling eyes. Tragically, Nex passed away later in the hospital.

Initial autopsy information shared by authorities stated that the teenager did not succumb “as a result of trauma,” and it was only after the autopsy report that police confirmed their suspicion of suicide.

The Oklahoma Attorney General, Gentner Drummond, expressed sorrow over Nex’s death, underscoring concerns about bullying potentially contributing to the tragedy.

The school district refrained from confirming whether Nex faced bullying due to their gender identity, with the superintendent of Owasso Public Schools describing the incident as “devastating” while emphasizing the institution’s commitment to student and staff safety.

Criticism has been directed at Oklahoma’s laws barring students from using facilities that don’t align with their sex at birth, with concerns raised about heightened hostility toward LGBT individuals.

Following Nex’s demise, vigils paying tribute to them were organized in over a dozen cities across the country.

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