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Journalists Injured As Israeli Airstrike Hits Al-Aqsa Hospital

Seven journalists, sustained injuries in an Israeli airstrike within the courtyard of Shuhada al-Aqsa Hospital in Gaza.

The strike resulted in the deaths of four members of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) militant group, according to news.

The Israeli military stated that it targeted an IJ command center situated on the grounds of the al-Aqsa Hospital in Deir al-Balah.

Contrary to Israeli claims of militants using hospitals as bases, both Hamas and medical personnel refute such accusations.

As of now, Islamic Jihad, an ally of Hamas, has not issued any statements regarding the incident.

Among the hundreds seeking refuge in makeshift tents within the hospital premises, the injured journalists hail mostly from northern Gaza. They continue their work amidst harsh conditions, lacking adequate food, water, and electricity, while constantly facing the threat of Israeli airstrikes.

Many journalists rely on selling photographs depicting life around the hospital while also caring for their families residing with them in the tents.

The tent closest to the blast belonged to the Turkish news agency Anadolu.

Ali Hamad, a photographer, recounted the ordeal, stating, “They hit the tent without any warning, we were staying in the tent as a group of journalists peacefully with no terrorists among us.”

Saeed Jaras, a freelance photographer, emphasized, “We are unarmed journalists and we have nothing to do with anything.”

The Israeli military asserted that the strike targeted “the command center and terrorists precisely, intending to minimize harm to uninvolved civilians in the hospital area.”

Al-Aqsa Hospital remains the sole functioning medical facility in the central Gaza Strip.

According to the Hamas-run health ministry, Israeli strikes claimed the lives of 77 individuals in Gaza within the past 24 hours. Additionally, nine people were reported dead in an Israeli strike in Bani Suhaila, near the city of Khan Younis.

The conflict in Gaza erupted following an unprecedented attack by Hamas in southern Israel, resulting in around 1,200 casualties and approximately 253 hostages. Israel initiated its retaliatory operation aimed at dismantling Hamas. Since then, as per the Hamas-run health ministry, 32,782 Palestinians have been killed, and 75,298 have been injured. Earlier this month, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin disclosed that over 25,000 of those killed were women and children.

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