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Elon Musk’s Social Media Firm’s Lawsuit Rejected

A judge in the United States has dismissed a lawsuit filed by Elon Musk’s social media venture, X, against a group alleging a surge in hate speech since Musk assumed control.

X had accused the Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) of unlawfully accessing its data.

The judge ruled in favor of CCDH, stating that it was apparent that Musk’s X Corp. was averse to criticism.

Imran Ahmed, CCDH’s founder, hailed the victory, accusing Musk of launching a “loud, hypocritical campaign” of harassment to evade accountability for his decisions.

“The courts have upheld our right to research, speak, advocate, and hold social media companies accountable,” Ahmed stated, expressing hope that the ruling would encourage similar endeavors.

The outcome marks a notable setback for the billionaire, known for his stance as a “free-speech absolutist.”

Formerly known as Twitter, the company initiated legal action against CCDH in 2023, alleging the group manipulated data to craft misleading reports about X.

X claimed CCDH unlawfully scraped its data, violating terms of service, to fabricate a “scare campaign” aimed at driving away advertisers, seeking substantial damages.

However, Judge Charles Breyer opined that Musk sought to punish CCDH for its speech.

Breyer noted X’s greater concern for CCDH’s criticism over data collection methods, suggesting the lawsuit aimed to deter others from similar critiques.

Musk acquired the platform for $44 billion in 2022, implementing controversial changes, including significant layoffs and a reduction in content moderation teams.

His own posts have faced accusations of anti-Semitism, which he has refuted.

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