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Biden And Trump Visiting US-Mexico Border To Secure Votes

To secure their votes in the United States, President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump visited the US borders to assure the citizens that they could end the issue of illegal mass migration across the border. US politics revolves mainly around this issue, and the issue will be important for this year’s campaign too.

The competition between Biden and Trump is going to be tough, as both are busy improving their images and destroying their rival’s character. Biden accused Trump of speaking openly about the “very dangerous” circumstances of his steps to stop his crackdown on illegal crossings.

The bipartisan border reforms are already blocked by the Republicans. According to the Republicans, this step was a clever trick by Trump to defeat them in the elections. Trump promised the Texans to “take care” of illegal immigration, along with his previous commitment to mass deportation in case he wins. During Biden’s administration, 6.3 million illegal immigrants were detained while crossing. The number is quite larger than previously recorded, and the reasons for the number being this high are complex.

Trump declared the majority of migration by Latin Americans. Although there has not been any increase in crime rates due to mass migration, Trump still accused him of “Biden migrant crime.” Trump supporters gathered around Eagle Pass, a pro-Democrat area, during his visit.

Trump’s efforts to militarize the border are appreciated by the citizens. A US resident, Enriqueta Diaz, 81, supported the idea, although her mother, being a Mexican, had to go through the citizenship process. Diaz said, “You have to follow the law.” Trump also met a Republican state governor, Greg Abbott, who has also made efforts to prevent and stop illegal crossings.

Biden said that the bipartisan border reform bill was previously “derailed by rank partisan politics.” He put forward his request to Trump to “join me” to solve the problem.

Biden, along with Alejandro Mayorkas, his Homeland Secretary, visited Texas. Mayorkas was also criticized and impeached by the Republicans on the issue of illegal immigration. Biden fully defended his colleague, although there are very rare chances of Mayorkas being convicted.

An immigrant from Venezuela, Karen Diaz, wants to support her three kids by getting a steady job. Another immigrant from Honduras, Dilcia Guillen-Oliva, wants shelter as she has been sleeping in public places

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