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Biden And Trump To Rematch After Clinching The Nominations

Both the former president, Donald Trump, and the serving president, Joe Biden, of the United States are going to be each other’s opponents in the elections to be held in November this year. They have both succeeded in clinching the nominations of their party members and have successfully won primary elections in many states.

Both Mr. Trump and Mr. Biden came face-to-face in the 2020 elections, and this year again, both will fight for the seat of president in America. The rematch is also one of its kind, as it has happened after 70 years that two opponents are going to compete for the same position as president again.

The race will be tight, and the victorious party will win the elections by a narrow margin. The official announcement of these nominations is expected to be in the summer. According to Biden, 81, he was “honoured” to see his voters supporting him in the re-elections “in a moment when the threat Trump poses is greater than ever.”

While explaining the positive results in economic development, Biden said that during their tenure, the country was “in the middle of a comeback.” The only threat to the democratic economy was the cutting of societal programs.

During his campaign, Mr. Biden said, “I believe that the American people will choose to keep us moving into the future.” It was easy for Mr. Biden to win the democratic nominations as he is the acting President of the United States. The party has promoted and motivated the president despite the fact that people worry about his age and the inability that can arise from an older age in the performance of the duties of a president.

Mr. Trump, 77, is enjoying the victories over many rivals who had a lot of financial support. The main reason for this much popularity in the elections leading to his second term in the White House are his efforts to “seal the border” and to make “record-setting” deportations possible.

He has promised the nation to continue his fight against crime, and the Russia-Ukraine war. He will also make efforts to boost democracy and to continue his strategy of “America first” in all affairs. Nobody was shocked to see Trump and Biden come face-to-face after winning the elections so far. Americans are not very happy to see history repeat itself by seeing the same people fight against each other again in November.

The primary elections conducted in America are basically a competition of winning party delegates state-by-state.

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