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Bangladesh: 46 Dead In Dhaka Building Fire Tragedy

At least 46 individuals have tragically lost their lives in a devastating fire that erupted in a multi-storey building in Bangladesh, as confirmed by the country’s health minister and other news sources.

The blaze reportedly ignited in a restaurant around 22:00 local time (16:00 GMT) on Thursday, situated in the capital city of Dhaka, as per local media reports. A swift response led to the rescue of 75 individuals, with many others rushing to nearby hospitals for treatment.

Fire officials managed to bring the inferno under control after a two-hour ordeal, while investigations into the cause are currently underway.

The Health Minister of Bangladesh, Samanta Lal Sen, disclosed that at least 33 people, including women and children, were pronounced dead at the Dhaka Medical College Hospital. Additionally, 10 others succumbed to their injuries at the city’s primary burns hospital, with more than twenty remaining in critical condition, stated Mr. Sen.

Emergency responders were summoned to the Kacchi Bhai restaurant, housed within a building spanning seven floors, as detailed by the Daily Bangladesh newspaper. The building complex also hosts various other eateries, along with clothing and mobile phone shops.

Brigadier General Md Main Uddin, the head of the Bangladesh Fire Service and Civil Defense, suggested that the fire might have originated from a gas leak or malfunctioning stove, according to the AFP news agency. He emphasized the hazardous conditions within the building, citing gas cylinders present on every floor, including staircases.

Witnesses recounted harrowing tales of their escape. Sohel, a restaurant manager, described the panic as smoke engulfed the staircase, forcing many to rush upstairs. Some resorted to unconventional means, like using a water pipe to descend the building, sustaining injuries in the process.

Another survivor, Mohammad Altaf, narrowly avoided the flames by escaping through a broken window. He lamented the loss of two colleagues who bravely assisted in rescuing others, only to meet a tragic fate.

Fires in both commercial and residential buildings are alarmingly frequent in Bangladesh. These incidents often underscore the lack of safety awareness and inadequate enforcement of regulations, contributing to such catastrophic events.

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