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5 Dead In Ukraine, 1 Million Without Power After Russian Strikes

Over a million people in Ukraine find themselves in darkness as Russian missiles target vital energy infrastructure, rendering regions like Kharkiv and Odesa without electricity, local officials report.

Ukraine’s energy minister, German Galushchenko, has accused Russia of deliberately destabilizing the country’s energy system, alleging retaliation for recent Ukrainian strikes on Russian soil.

President Volodymyr Zelensky emphasizes the urgent need for increased military aid from Western allies, particularly in bolstering air defense systems, in response to the latest wave of attacks.

Zelensky’s call for assistance underscores the severity of the situation as Ukraine faces a barrage of approximately 90 missiles and 60 Shahed drones launched overnight.

The strikes targeted critical sites, including Ukraine’s largest dam, the DniproHES in Zaporizhzhia, which sustained eight hits. Although video footage suggests damage, officials reassure us that there’s no imminent breach threat.

Eyewitnesses recount terrifying scenes as missiles struck, with one resident describing the chaos as “terrible fireworks and explosions” that shook their home.

The assaults extend beyond infrastructure, claiming lives and causing injuries. Reports confirm at least five deaths and 14 wounded, with casualties including a trolleybus driver and numerous civilians.

Amid the chaos, the UN’s nuclear watchdog, the IAEA, highlights the risks posed to nuclear safety and security during the conflict, particularly evident as the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant briefly lost connection to its main power line.

Ukraine’s grid operator paints a grim picture, noting that the severity of the attacks surpasses previous incidents, with major facilities targeted across multiple regions, especially in Kharkiv.

These strikes are part of a broader pattern of aggression. Since 2022, Russia has utilized attacks on energy infrastructure as a strategic weapon, leaving millions of Ukrainians without essential services during previous assaults.

President Zelensky condemns such acts as “energy terrorism,” echoing sentiments expressed by the White House, which denounces the recent attacks and reiterates the urgent need for enhanced air defenses.

The International Criminal Court’s recent issuance of arrest warrants against two senior Russian commanders further underscores the gravity of the situation, accusing them of orchestrating attacks on Ukrainian energy facilities.

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