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Why Is The Election Significant In PP-97 Chiniot-IV In The Whole Pakistan?

Bhawana, Chiniot: In the lead-up to the Pakistan general election, PP-97 Chiniot-IV has become the focal point of heightened political tensions, raising concerns across the nation.

With the election fervor gripping the city, political leaders from various parties intensified their campaigns. However, recent incidents have cast a shadow over the electoral process, prompting the implementation of Section 144 by the district police deputy throughout the city of Bhawana.

It all started on the night of January 27, when a gathering in Mohallah Rehmanabad took an ugly turn when Saqib Khan Chadhar and his supporters verbally abused opposition leader Saqlain Anwar Sipra, along with his lead supporters Haji Shaukat Ali Lohar and Mehar Saqlain Ahmed Jappa. The disturbing incident, captured on video, went viral on social media, causing chaos and sparking fears of further unrest.

Responding swiftly, District Police Chiniot took action by removing all political posters and banners from Bhawana and imposing Section 144 to curb discussions on political matters. While political meetings were permitted, the move aimed to prevent any recurrence of violence.

In the aftermath, challenges emerged following the January 27 incident, particularly with Shaukat Ali Lohar being targeted during a local PML-N conference meeting on January 29. Lohar, addressing the gathering, asserted his influence and challenged his opponents, emphasizing his previous victories in councilor elections against the Chadhar community.

Addressing the gathering, Lohar confidently stated, “Chaudhry Sahab! Ask your elders who Shaukat Lohar is. I will make my presence felt at the polling station on election day to demonstrate my influence. Have I not defeated you (the Chadhar family) three times in your own area?”

Two days after this exchange, Saqib Chadhar and his associates visited Shaukat Agricultural Industry, the office of Shaukat Lohar, extending their apologies for the earlier confrontation. The gesture was aimed at defusing tensions and fostering a more amicable atmosphere ahead of the crucial election.

As PP-97 Chiniot-IV remains a focal point in the upcoming general election, the recent developments underscore the need for responsible and peaceful political discourse, ensuring a fair and transparent electoral process for the benefit of the entire nation.

Saqlain Anwar Sipra stands as a prominent figure in Punjab’s political landscape, having earned the trust and mandate of the people three times as a Member of the Provincial Assembly (MPA). On the other hand, Haji Shaukat Ali Lohar boasts a remarkable political journey as a three-time city councillor in Bhawana. Saqib Khan Chadhar is running for Member of the Provincial Assembly (MPA) for the first time. However, there’s been a bit of controversy in his past. In 2017, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) arrested him, accusing him of leading an illegal operation that involved the illegal transplantation of human kidneys.

In the midst of these events, Pakistan faced a heartbreaking ordeal with two devastating bomb attacks in Balochistan just a day before the parliamentary elections. The toll was heavy, with at least 30 lives lost and numerous people injured. These incidents have cast a heavy, sorrowful shadow over the electoral landscape, sparking worries about the security of our democratic process. Authorities are actively looking into the matter, and we anticipate heightened security measures to ensure safety during this critical moment in Pakistan’s democratic journey.

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