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Israel Reevaluates Ceasefire Plan In Light Of Progress Reports

In a briefing to the war cabinet of Israel, discussions were made on the deal for a ceasefire in Gaza after progress reports made headlines in Paris. The meeting and briefing took place at a time when riot police were trying to charge and shoot the crowd, demanding Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to resign. The protestors were extremely furious as they tried to reach Democracy Square.

The Paris talks aim at making a ceasefire between Israel and Gaza possible and helping the hostages return to their native countries. These talks and deals will also ensure the safe travel of Palestinians held by Israel. The briefing to the Israeli war cabinet was mediated by countries like Egypt, Qatar, and the US.

While posting on X, Netanyahu said, “We are working to obtain another outline for the release of our hostages. That is why I sent a delegation to Paris – and tonight we will discuss the next steps in the negotiations.” An Israeli delegation will reach Qatar to continue the talks further.

According to Jake Sullivan, the national security advisor to the White House, the Israeli war cabinet has agreed to a temporary ceasefire and a deal for the safe return of hostages.

Although the protests against the Israeli government were frequent, this is the first time that the police had to intervene in order to settle the demonstrators.

The citizens of Israel have started thinking that their government is more focused on beating Hamas than on freeing their fellow citizens who are held as hostages by the Israelis.

In a video that has gone viral and is being investigated by the justice ministry, one can see a police officer beating a protester with the reins of his horse. The protester held his head in pain and fell to the ground. Many injured people were reported, and 21 were arrested during the protest.

While criticizing the actions of the police and the government as a whole, Yair Lapid, who is the main opposition leader, said that the rights of citizens to protest “cannot be taken from protesters with batons and water cannons.”

David Barnea, who is serving as the spy chief of Israel, agreed to negotiate a ceasefire in Gaza after meeting the mediators from Egypt, Qatar, and the US in Paris. The Israeli media reported that there has been an agreement on sending an Israeli delegation to Qatar, which will discuss the proper plan of releasing the hostages in exchange for Palestinian hostages held by Israel.

Tzachi Hanegbi, the national security adviser of Israel, said, “Such an agreement does not mean the end of the war.”

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