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Arrested For Breaking Into Secret Service Car Assigned To Biden Family

Two teenagers were arrested for getting in the car of US President Joe Biden’s granddaughter, Naomi Biden. The Secret Service car was assigned to Miss Biden last year.

In the incident, Miss Biden’s bodyguard fired some shots at the thieves, who didn’t strike the suspects. The incident took place in the Georgetown area of Washington, DC. At the time of the robbery that took place on the night of November 12, the agents were not present with Miss Biden. The incident took place at a time when the crimes related to automobile stealing and carjacking exponentially increased in Washington, DC.

Robert Kemp, 19, was arrested on February 7th and was identified by a stolen car, a Toyota Corolla, used by him as a getaway automobile in the robbery. The car was recognized as having a Black Ford Expedition of Secret Services, a protective vest, and night-vision goggles. Kemp was recognized as one of the two suspects in Miss Biden’s case.

The second suspect was arrested on February 16th. He is 14 years old, and both suspects were recognized by their fingerprints on a receipt in a McDonald’s bag. His presence near the crime scene that day was determined using GPS.

Kemp will now be punished for a variety of crimes, including using a vehicle with authorized documentation and stealing from a Secret Service vehicle. After getting his release process done, he was released and is expected to be back in court on February 29th.

His partner, who is 14 years old, has also received the punishment of three accounts for his crime of armed carjacking. He will receive his punishment for the accusation of stealing in January and February.

The juvenile was again found involved in the Secret Service vehicles’ incident. The Secret Service pointed out three suspects who were trying to enter the unoccupied government vehicle by breaking its window.

In the year 2023 in Washington, DC, crimes related to car stealing and robbery became very high and made up 80% of the total crimes in the US capital. Carjacking crime jumped from 485, which was in the year 2022, to 959 in 2023, which is nearly twice as much as the first value. Henry Cuellar, who is a Texian congressman, was also robbed of his vehicle in Washington in October. The lost item has been recovered, and Cuellar stayed safe.

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