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Iran Confesses To The Fierce Strikes On Pakistan

Two innocent children were killed in Pakistan in a strike by Iran on Tuesday. Three other people were also injured in the Balochistan region of Balochistan province, Pakistan. According to the foreign minister of Iran, the strike was planned to target the militant group Jaish al-Adli, which is involved in carrying out different terrorist activities in Iran. Iran did not mean to hurt the innocent citizens of Pakistan.

This attack is not the only attack done by Iran this week. Earlier, Iraq and Syria were targeted by Iran as well. Iran attacked Syria and Iraq with ballistic missiles saying that it was targeting ISIS and the Mosad spy agency of Israel who were involved in the Kerman bombings in which Iran lost eighty-four lives during a commemoration ceremony of Iranian Revolutionary Guard General Qasim Soleimani.

Iran attacked the Idlib province of Syria, which has a population of 2.9 million. It also struck Irbil city in Iraq, where four civilians lost their lives while six were injured. But attacking Pakistan, which is a nuclear power comma, was something worth causing outrage.

All of this is being done at a time when the Middle East is badly affected by the conflicts between the countries of Israel, Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, and Hamas, etc.

Although Iran does not want to participate directly in these regional conflicts, the groups that are being backed by Iran, like the Houthi militants carrying out activities in Yemen and the Hezbollah group working separately in the regions of Lebanon and Syria, etc., have announced their participation in the Israel-Gaza war.

As a result of the strikes carried out by Iran, Pakistan has called its ambassador to Iran back and has stopped the envoy to Iran from returning to his country. Islamabad has declared these attacks to be illegal and has given a warning to Iran of the “serious consequences” it has to face for destroying the peace of the region by taking innocent lives.

Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, who is serving as the acting foreign minister of Iran, said, “We only targeted Iranian terrorists on the soil of Pakistan.” About his interaction with the Pakistani foreign minister, Mr. Abdollahian said, “assured him that we do respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Pakistan and Iraq”.

A security commentator, Zaigham Khan, told the media, “People on both sides of the border consider themselves to be deprived of basic necessities, face discrimination and demand a larger share from their own resources”. Another security commentator, Aamir Rana, said, “would take a while to calm down but this is also something that Pakistan would not like to escalate”.

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