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France’s Youngest And First Openly Gay Prime Minister, Gabriel Attal

French President, Emmanuel Macron, appointed 34 years, Gabriel Attal, as the youngest Prime Minister of his country. Attal is a gay man and a strong and now powerful supporter of the LGBTQ. Macron has done this in order to increase his popularity in his country, which was dwindling earlier.

In a post on X, Macron said that he was going to count on the energy of the newly appointed Prime Minister. Attal was the one who had a role in imposing a ban on the wearing of an abaya in schools in France. He has also worked against bullying in educational institutions.

Attal has served in various ministries during the past few years. He has worked in the ministries of education, national news, public works and accounts, besides serving as a government spokesperson. His responsibilities as a prime minister will be helping the president in legislating according to his agenda.

The young Prime Minister was preceded by Elisabeth Borne. Born gave her resignation after 20 months. During her tenure, she had to face a lot of criticism due to the retirement reforms and various urban riots that started after the police shot an Algerian teenager last summer. She was the first female Prime Minister who was appointed in May 2022 by Macron.

Borne used a clause of the constitution more than twenty times that allowed her to get some bills cleared without a vote. Due to this act, she has been accused of using anti-democratic behavior. Her interior minister was also involved in an immigration reform bill that was controversial.

Those who were in favor of the bills were of the opinion that the laws being enforced after the approval of these legislations were popular among citizens of France, while those against these laws pointed out many consequences of them, including the restriction of birth right citizenship. The sudden resignation of Prime Minister Borne was expected as all the factors were in favor of a resignation.

The French president, Macron, being aware of all this political unrest, chose Atal as the new Prime Minister as he is one of the most prominent and trusted members of his government. The decision came at a time when Macron’s popularity was left badly behind Marine Le Pen’s party.

Attal earned popularity during COVID times, when his outstanding communication skills helped him become a household name. In his statement, the new Prime Minister said that he was aware of the duties for which he had been appointed. He also added that he is appointed at a time when many citizens are doubtful of the future of their country and of themselves. He promised to work for a better destiny for France and to help the country in discovering its true potential.

Attal’s relationship with Stephane Sejourne also ended at the time he got appointed. Sejourne is Macron’s former political adviser.

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