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Can Trump Run For President Or Not? The US Supreme Court Will Decide

The United States Supreme Court is to decide whether Donald Trump can run for president. It will hear the historical case.

The judges agreed to accept Mr. Trump’s appeal is averse to a decision by Colorado to take him out of the 2024 election in that state.

In February, the case will be heard, and the pronouncement will apply countrywide.

Declaring that Mr. Trump was involved in an insurgency during the US Capitol commotion three years ago, judicial proceedings in different states are seeking to disbar him.

The legal challenges rely on whether a Civil War-era constitutional amendment present Mr. Trump is legally disqualified to stand as a candidate.

When attorneys general from 27 states asked the court to dismiss Colorado’s pronouncement, the Supreme Court decided to hear Mr. Trump’s appeal.

In it, they assert that disqualifying Mr. Trump from the election would “create widespread chaos”.

“Most obviously, it casts confusion into an election cycle that is just weeks away,” reads the submission.

“Beyond that, it upsets the respective roles of the Congress, the States, and the courts.”

The 14th Amendment of the US Constitution prohibits a person who has “engaged in insurrection or rebellion” from holding federal office, but the lawyers of a former president assert it doesn’t apply to the president.

His lawyers have stated that: “The Colorado Supreme Court decision would unconstitutionally disenfranchise millions of voters in Colorado and likely be used as a template to disenfranchise tens of millions of voters nationwide.”

As electoral officials in Maine have decided to remove Mr. Trump from the election, he has also appealed against that.

After the declaration of the Supreme Court on Friday, Colorado’s Secretary of State Jena Griswold said she had certified the state’s ballots for the upcoming presidential primary elections and that Mr. Trump’s name is also included in them.

It will be easy to decide which presidential candidates will be included in November’s election, with the help of the primary ballots, held in each state.

Soon after the Supreme Court decision on Mr. Trump’s case, the beginning of March is supposed to be in Colorado.

Ms. Griswold expressed that: “The United States Supreme Court has accepted the case, and Donald Trump will appear on the ballot as a result”.

Last month, the divided 4-3 decision by Colorado’s high court marks the first time in US history that the 14th Amendment has been used to disbar a presidential candidate from the ballot.

This is the first time the Supreme Court will focus on how to clarify the clause.

In this November’s election, Mr. Trump is the current representative’s expected winner for a likely rematch against President Joe Biden, a Democrat.

Courts in Minnesota and Michigan have canceled trials to disbar Mr. Trump. Other cases, including in Oregon, are unsettled.

The US Supreme Court has a reactionary majority and Mr. Trump had chosen three justices.

But in 2020 they fiercely ruled against him in his lawsuits challenging his, conquer of Mr. Biden.

The court on Friday decided to take up the case quickly and on 8 February, oral arguments will be scheduled.

The due date for Mr. Trump’s legal team to file their opening brief on 18 January.

The due date for the group arguing against Mr. Trump to submit its argument is 31 January.

The participation of the top US court has drawn correlation to the 2000 presidential election between George Bush and Al Gore, which ended in a lawsuit at the Supreme Court.

The republican-majority court’s decision to halt Florida’s vote recount essentially handed victory to Mr. Bush.

University of Richmond Professor Cart Tobias said that “exceptionally fast track” was “predictable and necessitated by the growing number of cases being filed in various states around the country”.

With state primary elections fast approaching, there is a “compelling need for election officials in many states to prepare” and also, they “need for time to plan and execute smooth voting processes on short notice”.

When Colorado and many other states hold their election to decide about each party’s candidate for president, the timeline makes it likely that the court will make a pronouncement about the Super Tuesday primary election in March.

On the day of the US Capitol commotion, followers of Mr. Trump stalked Congress as lawmakers were certifying Mr. Biden’s election conquest.

That day, the then-president held an assemblage outside the White House where he repeated falsehoods spread by mass election fraud as he urged protesters to “fight like hell”, but also to march “peacefully” to the Capitol.

Mr. Trump’s critics states that he should be disbarred not only for his actions during the commotion, but for his and his supporters’ efforts to overturn the election result in Republican-aligned states that he lost.

While Mr. Trump’s alleged efforts to overturn the outcome of the 2020 presidential election are the focal point of trials in federal court and a state court in Georgia. He has not been criminally charged with inciting insurgency in any case.

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