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In Legal Showdown, OpenAI Derides Elon Musk’s Lawsuit as ‘Incoherent’

In a recent court filing, OpenAI countered Elon Musk’s claims of credit for the company’s success since his departure in 2018, asserting that they have thrived independently. Musk had initiated a lawsuit against OpenAI, alleging that the company had deviated from its initial nonprofit mission and violated their founding agreement by catering advanced AI technology exclusively to private clients.

OpenAI’s response labeled Musk’s accusations as “incoherent,” “frivolous,” and “fiction.” They depicted Musk’s motivations as stemming from envy due to his disengagement from the company, now a frontrunner in the AI domain. The filing referenced correspondence, including emails from Musk to other OpenAI co-founders in 2018, proposing the acquisition of OpenAI by Tesla, which the company declined, leading to Musk’s departure.

Furthermore, OpenAI discredited Musk’s purported founding agreement, suggesting it was a fabrication to serve his commercial interests. They emphasized the lack of any formal agreement between Musk and the company regarding his funding. OpenAI contended that Musk advocated for a for-profit structure under his control, abandoning the project when his preferences were not met, and now seeks to reap the benefits of OpenAI’s advancements.

Requesting the court designate the case as “complex,” OpenAI aimed to streamline the discovery process and sought prompt dismissal of Musk’s lawsuit. They expressed apprehension over Musk potentially accessing their proprietary records and technology through discovery.

Meanwhile, Musk’s venture, XAI, vies with OpenAI in the AI sector. OpenAI criticized Musk’s demands, including public access to their technology and research, as favoring his own commercial interests, given XAI’s lack of market success.

As of now, Musk’s legal representatives have not provided a comment on the matter.

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